20th Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (Slaffes XX)

Solid State Physics – here to be understood as Condensed Matter Science
(Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry...) – is a fascinating area of
knowledge representing an appreciable cross section of all the research
being carried out worldwide. One unique feature of Condensed Matter Science
is its intrinsic multi-disciplinarity. Its diverse ramifications range from
Materials Science and Biophysics to more traditional areas such as Metals
and Semiconductors. Over the years Condensed Matter has been the cradle of
fundamental discoveries in Physics, e. g., the exciting Graphene physics
(Nobel/2010) and the exotic novel Topological Insulators.

The several editions of the Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics
(SLAFES) have aimed at bringing together graduate students, postdoctoral
researchers and Professors from Latin America into a unique forum to discuss
recent advances in many subfields of Condensed Matter Science thus
exchanging fruitful ideas. SLAFES XX will follow up with this tradition by
inviting Physicists, Chemists, and Materials Scientists from all areas
within Condensed Matter to attend the Symposium and present their works.

SLAFES XX will take place in the resort hotel Salinas do Maragogi, AL, March
27 - 31, 2011.

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