PhD en Santiago de Compostela

El grupo de física teórica de altas energías de la USC tiene una beca de
doctorado asociada al grant y estamos buscando interesados que quieran venir
a hacer la tesis con nosotros. Los candidatos españoles pueden acceder
normalmente a otro tipo de becas, de modo que nuestra prioridad es buscar a
un buen candidato, sin importar la nacionalidad. 

Ph. D. Fellowship in String Theory

The string theory group  of the University of Santiago de Compostela
(USC)  isoffering a position to an outstanding student with a university degree to
start a PhD thesis in the field of the gauge/gravity correspondence.

The candidate will be involved in the research carried out by the different
members of the group, which aims at the study and extension of  the
holographic duality between  strongly coupled systems and higher-dimensional
gravity theories. The possible applications of these ideas are very broad
and include hadronic physics at high density and temperature (quark-gluon
plasma), quantum physics of black holes, as well as the study of strongly
coupled systems in condensed matter systems.

The Ph. D. training is provided in an international context.   The students
should have a previous basic knowledge of Quantum Field Theory, General
Relativity and Differential Geometry. This formation can be completed by the
courses on string theory,  supersymmetry and integrable systems, delivered
at the USC master program. Regular seminars on different topics are
organized by the group and provide a valuable background knowledge on topics
beyond the student's own research project.

More information about the activities of the group can be found in the
departmental web page:

Applications should include: CV, details of highest academic degree awarded
(an up-to-date transcript) and publications (if  any). The candidate should
also arrange for at least one reference letter to be sent.
Applications/queries should be made via email to:

A. V. Ramallo

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